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Client List

Judy Sherry                               Audrey Hepburn                                               

2002                                          Collage


Helen Stafford                          Candle Light                                                      

2002                                         Pencil Drawing


Mr.&Mrs. Huenerfaugh           Fruit Table                                                           

2002                                         India Ink on Paper


Stuart Alson                             Kurt Cobain                                                        

2004                                         Collage


Dr. Chermol                             Portait of Children

2004                                         Collage


Susan King                              Family Portrait                                             

2004                                         Collage


Jeff Gavin                                Portait of Daughter                                               

2005                                         Collage


Tina                                         Eric Clapton                                                           

2005                                        Collage


Bob Chose                               Frank Zappa                                                           

2005                                        Collage

Joan and Steve-                       Mike Ness-( donated in 2010-Corona Del Mar)

2010                                        Brother-Collage

                                                Portrait of J and S-Collage


Blake Garrett-                          Jimi Hendrix-Jan.2011                                   


2011                                         Marilyn Monroe-Jan-2011                                   


Cooper Schirf                           Johnny Depp                                                           

2011                                          Collage


?-                                                Clockwork Orange                       

2010                                           Collage

Rheane Pomerleau                     Michael Jackson

2011                                            Collage


Anaheim Ducks

Ladies Fasion Show                Ryan Getzcalf                                               



Malorie                                    Logo Design                                                         

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